Personalize, enrich, & reap your relationships.

The evolution of lead databases is here.

Let it reap

What is Leadreaper?

Leadreaper is an account research and lead enrichment platform.

  • Hyper-scalable via Serverless framework 
deployed on AWS Lambda
  • 100,000 domains per day
  • Dynamic segmentation and account scoring
  • Layer your enrichment to better allocate costs
  • Intelligently enrich, segment, and qualify

How Leadreaper Works

Endpoints that lead to starting points.

Core Keys: Domains & IPs

The web is complex and ever changing. We help you keep track of changes in the landscape around website account opportunities.

IP Whois

Identify who is hosting target website accounts.


Identify what version of Drupal your prospective customer is running.


Identify the web technologies


Scrape metatags and enjoy automated segmentation for target audiences.


Identify rich snippets metadata and objects on target websites to further segment.

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